Week Three on a Fully Raw Vegan Diet (A Whole New Me)

March 17, 2015 by Elskamor

I did it! Three weeks ago I was a total newbie to raw (and scared about it!). And now I have some solid experience under my belt.


I have learned that I can live without warm foods even in the last dregs of the Berlin winter. I have learned that I can eat an entire salad bowl of raw shredded veggies in one sitting, and I have learned that a few short hours after that I will probably have to eat a 5-banana smoothie because I am hungry again. I have learned to carry good food with me wherever I go, and I have learned that in order to be social I can always order a salad at a restaurant and eat more before or afterwards.I have learned a lot, but this is just the beginning.As I woke up on Monday morning, the first thing I felt was a sense of accomplishment. I had managed what I had set out to do. I do love a challenge! Especially a self-imposed one – there is just something special about setting a goal for yourself.

Then, I started wondering what I should eat today. Should I go for a huge bowl of pasta, some pizza, should I seek out one of Berlin’s vegan cake shops and have a large glass of soy matcha latte? To my surprise – but probably no surprise to people with any experience with raw – those fantasies were short-lived.

I listened to my body and started the day out with a nice orange/carrot/ginger juice and ended it with a big green salad and a side of potatoes. Not exactly the kind of celebratory feast I had imagined! I did make a raw chocolate desert to mark the special occasion. Food is still celebration for me after all.

Here are the last take-aways I can share with you about my experience:

  • Eating raw has allowed me to feel my body and my digestion. I have amazing energy, and am learning to trust what my body is telling me. This is something I had never experienced before. But with some experience you can decipher when you body wants single carbs like banana, some protein (maybe in form of nuts) or minerals from leafy greens.
  • Something I was unaware of when first switching to raw is that I was more in touch with feelings. This can be quite overwhelming, but I tired to see it as a great chance, accept it as part of the process, and now actually consider this to be a great asset.
  • Finally, my relationship to food has changed. Sitting down to meals together as a family or with friends has always been important to me. In fact, one of my favourite experiences of these past three weeks has been getting my friends together for a fully raw vegan potluck. But food doesn’t always need to be a big production. Sometimes all you need is a couple of ripe bananas to keep you fuelled for the days activities.

Now going forwards I will still eat more raw than I ever did before. Not because I will continue to challenge myself, but because it feels so great! Why would I want to give that up?! I will however not set it as a 100% rule and just be kind of myself and those around me. I will eat cooked foods when I do feel like it and when it means being able to share an experience with someone else.

For anyone wanting to go raw for a couple of weeks, I actually recommend trying it towards the end of winter. Yes, it might be tougher than during the summer when varied local produce is in abundance. But on the plus side, everything around you will be awaking along with you. It is definitely spring now in Berlin, and through the raw experience I feel like I have awakened from a winter slumber to a whole new me!

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