Travel Challenge – Plan a Solo Adventure

September 8, 2014 by Elskamor

Get uncomfortable to BE comfortable , it is time to woo yourself with a solo holiday.

Here’s the challenge we are proposing with getting uncomfortable: travel alone.

That’s it. Give yourself the gift of a solo holiday, for one week or one weekend. This means that you can make any decision you want by yourself without having to convince someone else to join.Traveling solo will give you complete freedom.

Travel alone. Scarrrrrrry??

It is. Until you do it, then you realize it’s not. Traveling solo doesn’t mean you’re alone.  You are more approachable and you can engage with people you wouldn’t normally, and you even start new friendships. But that’s not the point at the moment. The point is to plan a trip, alone. The point is to spend time on your own. The point is to get closer to yourself.

We see and hear about all these trips that others take and we just want to match them and do the same thing. Trouble is, we will never have the same trip as other people do. However we will have generally similar experiences. We are all human after all.

Your trip doesn’t have to be far. The point is to plan, stay and experience a trip solo. You might surprise yourself.

Take the leap!


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