The Berlin Yoga-Festival And Its Loving Purpose!

July 6, 2015 by Elskamor
7. Yoga-Festival Berlin 2011

Who are the creators of the Berlin Yoga-Festival?

Miriam Kretzschmar and (I) Stefan Datt started the Yoga-Festival as a gift for the people of Berlin and Europe, to invite everybody to understand life more, its secrets, its sense, health and happiness. We both run a wonderful yoga school in Charlottenburg, where we give daily yoga classes as well as a yearly yoga teacher training courses since 2004. Our physiotherapy is also well known for its profound treatment of almost every pain the body can get.

What was your motivation to start the Berliner Yoga-Festival? What do you hope to accomplish with the festival?

With the Yoga-Festival we want to bring the topic of Yoga to a wider audience and bring more understanding of all the gifts yoga is ready to give to mankind. With the festival we create a Yoga community and join together the different aspects of yoga teachings.

Tell us about the first festival you had? What is the biggest transformation from the festival then (2004) and now (2015)?

The spirit that guides us is the same like in 2004. It is not our wish to do a Yoga-Festival it is a need and a bigger power behind it that wants to bring together the positive forces of mind-developed yogis with a huge public that has a highly positive attitude towards life. 2015 will be the last festival in the festival grounds in Berlin Kladow because it is time for development and for a new creative space.

Why should people come to the festival?

The Berlin Yoga-Festival is a unique event where a joyful vibe meets a highly competent program of wonderful Yoga teachers and lecturers. Great music, a wonderful location with swimming, camping and big bonfires will give a lot of relaxing energy as well as offer a colorful marketplace with around 100 market stands.



Yogafestival 2010 in Berlin-Kladow

Yogafestival 2010 in Berlin-Kladow

What is the future of the festival? What do you wish it to become in the next 10 years?

We very simply feel the guidance for the yoga festival very strongly from above. We will see what is needed, what is good and inspiring for the people to install a deep positive impact into their life.

yoga music concert

What has been one of your most memorable moments of the events in the last 10 years?

In the first two years, the concerts of Nina Hagen were great! It always makes me happy to see people get touched during the festival in a place of their heart that is rarely felt. The best moments are these of simple living and high thinking.
We are very grateful to Miriam and Stefan for this event and hope you will have a chance be part of the high radiating energy of this event this year. Check out their page to find out more about it here.


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