The 10 Best Fruit And Vegetable Snacks For Travel

June 26, 2015 by Elskamor

The places we pass through on our travels to get from A to B often do not have the most nourishing and delicious food available. Train stations, airports and highway rest stops usually offer a whole range of unhealthy snack food with maybe an apple hidden in between there somewhere in the back. After years of bringing our own fresh and wholesome fruits and veggies with us on planes, trains and long car rides, we considers ourselves experts on what fruit and vegetable snacks are best for travel.

Before we get into what exactly you should pack to snack on during your next trip, here are some general guidelines for what makes good travel snack:

– Hydrating – the higher the water content the better to keep you from dehydrating on long flights or train trips.

– No extra cutting required – not only can you not bring a knife on a plane, you also don’t want to deal with lugging around a cutting board and needing to prep your snack while travelling.

– No strong smells – this applies mainly to any dips you might be bringing along. Maybe dial down the garlic in your hummus if you’re traveling with lots of other people in close spaces.

– Easy to dispose of waste – think cherry pits.

– Preferably non-mushy – we make an exception for bananas, because, well, who does not love bananas!
With those guidelines in mind, here are 10 our favourite fruits and veggie snacks to bring when we travel:


These are a seasonal winter fruit, but when you can get your hands on them they are the perfect travel companion – the smell amazing, and are hydrating and more compact and flavourful than oranges. They are also very juicy but easier to handle.


You’ll have to make sure they don’t get squashed in your luggage, but grapes are a great snack to have on hand. You can pick them off the stem beforehand if you want to reduce waste en route.


Ok, we know these are tricky, but if you make this the first fruit snack you eat on your trip they are worth bringing. Add a couple of dates and your hunger will be satisfied for some time!

Dried Fruit and Homemade Fruit Leathers

Dried fruit such as apple or mango are great to have around for a sweet little pick-me up. No worries about squishing here! You don’t need a dehydrator to make fruit leathers. Just blend up banana with your favourite berry and dry on low in the oven.


You will have to store these in a hard container, but blueberries keep a long time at room temperature and a great, non-messy, self-contained snack.


This is another very hydrating snack to bring when you are traveling. If the cucumbers are small, we just pack them as they come, for larger ones we prefer cutting them into discs.


This salty crunchy snack will satisfy mid-travel cravings for something savoury. Pack the leaves as well for an extra flavour-kick!


An all-time favourite – these can also be packed whole or cut into sticks. Be aware though that the crunch might attract other snackers and you may end up sharing!

Sugar Snap Peas

They are crunchy (but more quiet than carrots, it you’re worried about the noise), slightly sweet, and can handle being knocked around a backpack all day long. Might be my all time favourites (at the moment).


Attention people travelling by plane to the United States! If you bring some of these items on the plane with you, make sure to eat them all along the way. You will not be able to bring them through customs. This may also apply to other countries, so check with the airline before.

Happy travels!!


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