One Day In Munich – Vegan Travel Guide (Summer Edition)

August 6, 2015 by Elskamor

Our strategy for one-day-adventures in a new city is to do some research and pick an area which seems to have lots going for it: a nice neighborhood with some sights and promising food options. Knowing this, we can then let ourselves drift through the streets and stop whenever we think looks interesting.

Recently we spent a one-day-stint in Munich. Our strategy served us very well and we had a amazingly pleasant time. Sumarized for you, here is our Munich travel guide of things we recommend you do/see/eat when you find yourself in Munich for one day in the summer!


Museum Brandhorst

Munich’s Kunstareal culture forum is dotted with excellent museums. If you are a fan of modern art, we recommend you skip the Modern Pinakothek and instead walk over to the Museum Brandhorst. The exterior as well as interior architecture is stunning and the rotating exhibits are always worth a visit (check online to find out what is on currently on display). We especially like their effort to make exhibiting art sustainable:

“Many of the technical innovations found in the field of museum architecture today cannot be sustained financially in the long run and, with regard to global climate change, are no longer viable alternatives. The Brandhorst Museum is aware of its responsibility and is the first museum building based on a comprehensive and sustainable ecological concept. This can be seen especially in the ventilation and lighting systems as well as in the design of the building’s facade.”


Veganista (Clothing and Design Store)

This cute and well-stocked little clothing store is located just a couple of hundred meters away from the Munich culture forum. The founders of Veganista believe that great fashion can very well be part of en ethical lifestyle. In their shop you will find clothes made from organic fibers and shoes made from high quality recycled materials. If you buy your clothes from this store you can be sure no animals were harmed in the making of your garment and that is was produced under fair working and ecological conditions.

Floating Down The Eisbach River

We originally headed to the Eisbach River in the English Garden park to see the surfers dominating the waves along this inner-city river. On the way, we encountered masses of swimsuit clad youngsters walking barefoot along the path. Soon we arrived at the actual river and realized what was going on. Though swimming in the Eisbach river is officially forbidden, on a hot summer day half of the city can be food cooling off while drifting down the river like so:


Gratitude Restaurant

If you’ve worked up an appetite swimming in the river, you can head over to one of the best vegan hotspots in Munich called Gratitude (note: for those of you who know the Gratitude Cafe in California, the two are not related, though the one in Munich was originally modelled on the California cafes). In this simple and stylish setting with a few little tables on the sidewalk outside, you will find delicious cooked curries served in big bowls as well as a slew of raw dishes.


Ice Date

After dinner, you can head to this all vegan organic ice cream shop down the street. The makers of Ice Date use dates instead of sugar, cashews instead of milk and tons of fresh fruit. As a result, all the flavors are vegan, sugar free, soy-free and gluten-free! Aside from a range of sorbets, they also offer 6 (!!) kinds of chocolate ice cream: dark chocolate, chocolate, ginger-chocolate, mint-chocolate, hemp-chocolate and stinging-nettle chocolate.

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