Moro Beach – One Of The Last Paradises Of Mallorca

June 15, 2015 by Elskamor
Read our article (link in the bio) to find out where this hidden gem is as well as our tips on how you can find the most beautiful beach on your next island vacation!

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When traveling to a an island such as Mallorca, one of the main goals of course is to find the most beautiful beach where you can sunbathe, take long walks along the gentle waves, and go for refreshing swims in the ocean. The internet is full of “hidden gems” which turn out to be polluted and overcrowded once you get there.To find truly beautiful nature beaches, we can personally recommend putting on a pair of running sneakers and going for jogs along the coast. You will end up in places that are less easily accessible than the main points of interest and really have a chance of finding a local hidden beach.



This is exactly what happened on a recent trip to Mallorca. Not only is Moro Beach secluded and hidden, the story behind this little nature preserve is beautiful as well!

The property around Moro beach is owned by a family which has been looking after it for over 15 years when they first prevented the construction of a hotel complex on the islet. At that time, the area was apparently full of rubbish, with sawn-off trees and soil that had been ruined. With a lot of dedication, they personally took on the task of clearing the area and planting it with around 2,000 (almost) indigenous plants. Since then many animals and birds have returned there to nest and to establish a home.



Full disclosure, the sandy part of the beach itself is quite small. So we recommend dropping your towel on one of the rocks and using the protection of the rock cliffs to get a good long swim in. If you do have the chance to visit this gem, please respect their effort and don’t leave any trash behind.

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