Easy Vegan Easter Recipes

April 2, 2015 by Elskamor

If you are anything like me, you are heavily reliant on (or addicted to) to your kitchen equipment.


I usally start my day off with a green juice (juicer), will definetely make a banana smoothie in the morning (blender), might whip up some raw power balls for an afternoon snack (food processor), and then make a nut or chickpea sauce for veggie dipping in the evening (blender again).

We are going away for Easter and I was slightly panicked about how we could have a proper Easter feast without all my gadgets. After some quick research and an honest look at my prorities, I am exited to keep the food simple this Easter.

As long as you follow these easy rules you will be able to have a wonderful vegan Easter feast no matter where you are traveling to.
Rules for successful vegan travel:

Rule Nr. 1

Book an accomodation that gives you access to a kitchen.

Rule Nr. 2

Bring a sharp knife (just do yourself this favor)!

Rule Nr. 3

Relax and have fun! You are on vacation! If all else fails, go to Rule Nr. 4.

Rule Nr. 4

Research vegan restaurant options for the place you are going to before your trip.
And now to our suggestions for a simple vegan Easter menu.

Fresh and Fruity Sangria – with fresh berries and some nice dry Rose.

Cucumber Hummus Mint Bites – who needs devilled eggs, when you can whip these up in an instant?

Warm Spring Salad – with the best fruits and veggies spring as to offer.

Grilled Courgette wirh Garlic Crumbs – everyting is better with a little bit (or a lot of) garlic!
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