Veggie Christmas Market Germany

Veggie Christmas Markets in Germany: 2015 Edition

Enjoy Christmas time in Germany with these vegan and vegetarian Christmas Market offer plant-based food yummies as well as other cruelty-free, organic, fair-traded prezzies!

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Race Report: 42. Berlin Marathon

Want to run the Berlin Marathon in 2016? Here’s what to expect from the course.

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Vegan and Vegetarian Food at the 2015 Munich Oktoberfest

Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever, veggie food will be available at the most popular Munich beer festival!

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One Day In Munich – Vegan Travel Guide (Summer Edition)

We love to go to a city we have not been to and spend a long weekend exploring the sights, experiencing the neighborhoods and tasting the vegan food options. Sometimes though, we find ourselves in a city for only one day. With so much to do and sometimes (when we are lucky!) so much to eat, it is easy to get overwhelmed. One the one hand, you might be tempted to plan every stop ahead of time to get the most out of your short stay. On the other hand you want to stay flexible in case you stumble upon an amazing vegan ice cream shop you just have to try out.

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The 10 Best Fruit And Vegetable Snacks For Travel

The places we pass through on our travels to get from A to B often do not have the most nourishing and delicious food available. Train stations, airports and highway rest stops usually offer a whole range of unhealthy snack food with maybe an apple hidden in between there somewhere in the back. After years of bringing our own fresh and wholesome fruits and veggies with us on planes, trains and long car rides, we considers ourselves experts on what fruit and vegetable snacks are best for travel.

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Read our article (link in the bio) to find out where this hidden gem is as well as our tips on how you can find the most beautiful beach on your next island vacation!

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Moro Beach – One Of The Last Paradises Of Mallorca

When traveling to a an island such as Mallorca, one of the main goals of course is to find the most beautiful beach where you can sunbathe, take long walks along the gentle waves, and go for refreshing swims in the ocean. The internet is full of “hidden gems” which turn out to be polluted

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Crossing Two Desserts Unsupported – The Journey Of Steven Rau

This week seems to be dedicated to guys wanting to test the limits of what the human mind and body are capable of. After talking to James Lawrence a.k.a. the Iron Cowboy earlier this week, we now want to introduce you to the German endurance athlete Steven Rau. Steven is no stranger to mastering astonishing

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Guide: Best Vegan and Vegetarian Places in Neukölln

Berlin is a paradise for vegans and vegetarians! There are 100% vegan places abound (from healthy raw restaurants and smoothie bars to greasy burger joints), soy or oat and nut milks is avaliable in almost every café, and even the eateries that don’t specifically adverstise vegan food know what’s up and will put something for

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California Drought: Almonds Are Not The Culprit!

With the massive drought in California, everyone is quick to blame the almonds. If you have seen the filmCowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, you know that the real problem is animal agriculture, but it’s an uncomfortable topic to talk about for most people.   But the fact is: the meat and dairy industry accounts for 47%

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A Look Beyond the Strip – Hiking in Las Vegas

A Look Beyond – Hiking in Las Vegas We are going to …. Vegas, baby! Bright lights, blinking slot machines, one-armed bandits, the high-roller tables – these are all common sights in so-called Sin City. I remember the first time I set foot in a Las Vegas Casino I was terrified – all the blinking

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7 Holiday Gifts for Travelers

1.The New York Times: 36 Hours 125 Weekends in Europe This is a great book to get you excited about traveling and inspired with new ideas and places to discover that are off the beaten path. Not a book you take on the plane, but the perfect coffee table book to start wheeling over ideas

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Travel Challenge – Plan a Solo Adventure

Here’s the challenge we are proposing with getting uncomfortable: travel alone.

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