The Green Triangle – North India Adventure

Culture, tradition, music, dance, customs, religion, history and great vegetarian and vegan food all come together on this exciting 8-day adventure in Northern India. _______________________________________________________ The Green Triangle – North India Adventure Dates: • 20 – 27 September, 2015 • 13 – 20 December, 2015 Location: Delhi, Jaipur, Kishangarh, India Explore North India’s captivating sights

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Learning Thai Yoga Massage

Enjoy a retreat in Thailand, in Bang Bao a fishing village in Koh Chang a paradise island. Open another door in your life to help yourself by helping others and learn another job for your future. ________________________________________________________ Learning Thai Yoga Massage Dates: 2 – 16 November, 2014 Location: Ko Chang Island, Thailand Bang Bao a

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Mekong Moments – In the Land of A Million Elephants (Laos)

Tempting temples, totally tasty tofu laap and bamboo basket sticky rice, the enchanting amber glows of a Mekong sunset and the canvas of colors of rural Lao life, welcome to Laos – the gem of Indochina! From ancient Khmer ruins to tropical jungle villages, from the plains of Xieng Khouang to the limestone caves of

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South India Serenade

16-day journey into the heartland of South India where ancient ruins, terrific temples, gorgeous gopurams, magnificent monuments, sensational saints, palatial palaces, paddies, peaks and plantations meet vibrant villages, coconut tree lined coasts, brilliant backwaters, bustling bazaars and balmy breezes! Dates: 19 December – 3 January, 2016 Location:South India, India Wedged between the mountainous Western and

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16 day Journey into the Land of the Minang and the Bataks

Join a 16-day intimate journey to the isle of Sumatra from off-the-beaten-track Batak villages and stunning sandy beaches, to the cultural heartland of the Minangkabau people, and one of the last remaining habitats in the wild of the amazing orangutans, as we experience the way of life, culture, and of course – cuisines of the

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Tian Zhan

Desert Kingdoms of Rajasthan

In addition to plenty of mouthwatering vegan food and lots of local interaction, the adventure also includes hiking, safaris, yoga lessons, language lessons, live traditional music and dance, a vegan cooking class and much more. Desert Kingdoms of Rajasthan   Dates: Date Year 18 July – 2 August 2015 7 – 22 November 2015 19

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Terrific Tastes of Thailand

A 14-day journey into the heart and soul of Thailand’s tasty vegan cuisines as we explore the Land of Smiles during the country’s annual Vegetarian Festival! 15 Terrific Tastes of Thailand Dates: 12 – 25 October, 2015 Location: Thailand has it all: friendly people, an ancient culture rooted in Buddhist traditions, amazing geography and absolutely

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Badlands, Beasts, Bishnois and Beaches!

23-day epic adventure – an enchanting journey from the land of the Maharajas to the coast of the Arabian Sea! Badlands, Beasts, Bishnois and Beaches! Dates: 14 October – 5 November, 2015 About the Location: India is famous for its diversity – both in its culture, its people, its sights, its sounds and not to

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Yoga & Surf Retreats in Sunny Portugal

Buddha Retreats offers all-inclusive yoga & surf retreats in the picturesque village of Columbeira in Portugal. You will stay in a beautifully restored Portuguese country house surrounded by lush green gardens. Yoga & Surf Retreats in Sunny Portugal Silver Coast, Portugal Dates: All year round, Upcoming July and Aug. dates • July 19 to 26

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Chinese blue house

Rainforests, Reefs, Cultures and Cuisines

A vibrant fusion of cultures, religions, geography and cuisines – delve into the heart of Peninsular Malaysia where the crossroads of some of Asia’s finest cultures, the beauty of Southeast Asia’s tropical beaches and the rough and often rogue colonial history of the Far East comes to life! Rainforests, Reefs, Cultures and Cuisines Dates: 15

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15 Day Volunteer Vegan Adventure in the heart of Rajasthan

Experience the culture, heritage and customs of one of India’s most stunning regions while helping injured and neglected animals at a great grassroots refuge in the heart of Rajasthan! 15 Day Volunteer Vegan Adventure in the heart of Rajasthan Dates: 5-19 September, 2015 Location: Dheli, Agra , Rajasthan, India Come and explore the heart of

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Stimmkraft :: Vocal Power

Breathe Beautiful: Connecting Mind, Body and Spirit through Breath, Voice, Movement and Song. Voice, Breath and Awareness Seminars with Breathe Beautiful! Breathing: it’s something most of us don’t think about! It’s the first and last thing we do in our lives, yet so many of us live without knowing the full potential of our breath,

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