Race Report: 42. Berlin Marathon

Want to run the Berlin Marathon in 2016? Here’s what to expect from the course.

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7. Yoga-Festival Berlin 2011

The Berlin Yoga-Festival And Its Loving Purpose!

Summer has arrived! And there are tons of summer festivals, one day events and yoga retreats taking place across the world with the aim of creating communities, creating awareness and simply enjoying and sharing the joy of the summer. We are big fans of the Berlin Yoga-Festival as it is located in a very peaceful place in the outskirts of Berlin, and it is full of opportunities to relax as well as explore new types of yoga, practice meditation and be part of a beautiful community. This year the Yoga Festival in Berlin will be taking place for the 11th year in a row at the Cultural Park Kladow; it’s four (4) days long starting July 9 to July 12.
We were curious about the energy that was behind this event and reached out to the event creators to find out more about their intentions and their journey until the birth of this event.

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Iron Cowboy_James Lawrene_Ocean_Cliff_Jumping_ironman_Triathlete

“I Don’t Want To Do 50 Ironmans On My Own” – How To Run 5k With The Iron Cowboy

Last weekend James Lawrence a.k.a. The Iron Cowboy began a truly epic adventure. Even Ultra-Athlete Rich Roll, known for stretching the limits of what the mind and body can accomplish, has said that this verges on the impossible. James Lawrence is already the record holder for most 70.3 half Ironmans accomplished in a calendar year

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Race Report: 35. Berlin Half Marathon

Last Sunday, we were one of the more than 30.000 runners that took part in the 35. Vattenfall Berlin Half Marathon (that’s as many people as inhabitants in my hometown in the Black Forrest!). I was nervous as the weather was supposed to be very windy and stormy. Luckily, an unexpected benefit of running with

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Race Report: 21. Prague International Marathon

Last weekend I traveled to Prague to run in the 21st Prague International Marathon – my first! I may not have much experience running this distance, but I can say with certainty that the RunCzeck crew put on an amazingly supported event through the beautiful and historic city of Prague! If you are thinking about

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What to Eat Before and During a Marathon

For short-distances such as 5k or 10k races, the need for nutrition and hydration during the run is not that great. You probably will be more comfortable just runnnig through the whole race and refueling afterwards with a non-alcoholic Hefeweizen and some recovery snacks. But what about longer distances such as a half-marathon, marathon or

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Yoga Party!

It’s Friday night. It’s nearing after-work-time.  It’s been a long week and you’re totally tired.  If you have to sit constrained inside an office any longer, something very bad will happen to some innocent people.   You’ve got to let loose. Big time. It’s also been a long time since you last spent some quality

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Effort and Surrender

“Surrender is a gift that you can give yourself. It’s an act of faith. It’s saying that even though I can’t see where this river is flowing, I trust it will take me in the right direction.” ― Debbie Ford   During my first years practicing yoga, I often felt the urge to fight with

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5 Steps to “Detox” or Simply Recharge Your Body

Is a detox the answer to get your energy back?   Autumn has arrived, the days are shorter and much colder and suddenly you are noticing even more how tired and fatigued you feel all of the time.  At first, you blame it on the winter blues, but actually you know that this lack of

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Breathing Exercises Relax

Breathing through the stress of crowds and streets can relax.   Simply walking through a crowd in a big city like Los Angeles, Berlin or New York, can merit survival techniques for relaxation. Through crowds of people, at busy stores and through busy streets, breathing exercises can be undertaken to keep you calm. Life can

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Finding Your Balance

When people think about yoga a lot of times their stereotypes drift to different territories. A first take could be the meditation aspect – the fearful will list this most certainly. But meditation is what gets us centered and connected.   A second thought might be stretching. Lots and lots of stretching and contortioning that

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