Guide: Best Vegan and Vegetarian Places in Neukölln

June 2, 2015 by Elskamor

Berlin is a paradise for vegans and vegetarians! There are 100% vegan places abound (from healthy raw restaurants and smoothie bars to greasy burger joints), soy or oat and nut milks is avaliable in almost every café, and even the eateries that don’t specifically adverstise vegan food know what’s up and will put something for you together if you ask nicely.

To help you sort through the madness of having too many choices, we will present to you the places that should be top on your list, district by disctrict. And today we start with Neukölln.

Image Credit: Café Vux

Café Vux (Café, 100% vegan)

Cafe Vux is a little hidden gem of a vegan cafe. It offers a selection of devine baked goods including fancy cakes and pies, homemade cookies, cupcakes or waffles with hot fruits and whipped soya cream. At least one of their cakes is made with spelt flour, and gluten free. The cakes can be quite hefty, so I can’t recommend stopping by here every afternoon, but every once and a while you should leave your calorie-counting at the door and indulge! Their coffee is fair-trade and organic, and the use only non-dairy milk for their coffee or hot chocolate creations.

If you want to get your smoothie on, they also offer a range of blended decliousness made with açaí, maracujá, coconut, mango, guava, cashew fruit, papaya or acerola cherry. If you prefer something savory, Cafe Vux has also got you covered with bagels with various toppings such as “salami”-saté, seitan-limão, guava jelly and cheese, hummus with sun-dried tomatoes, “creamcheese” or seitan sausage with smoky-habanero-mango-sauce – with loads of fresh salad, tomatoes and sprouts.

Address : Wipperstrasse 14, 12055 Berlin
Hours : WED through SAT | 12pm-7pm, SUN | 12pm-6pm

Image Credit: Dr. Pogo Veganladen-Kollektiv

Dr. Pogo (Grocery store, 100% vegan)

Just around the conrner from Café Vux, located on the picturesque Richardplatz across from the beautiful Comenius-Garden is the little vegan grocery store Dr. Pogo. The place is small but the selection is good! They have vegan food items, cosmetics, animal food, books, household cleaning supplies as well as accessories and sweets. For return costumers, they offer a card which gives you a discount on their bulk items which range from grains and legumes to dried fruit and even pasta and cereals.

Inside the store in one corner by the window there are also some tables and chairs, so you can drink your coffee and eat a treat right there if you feel like it. If you get there early enough on a Saturday, you will be able to try some of Brammibal’s Doughnuts (they have a Kickstarter Campaign going on right now if you want to support bringing vegan doughnuts to Berlin)

Address: Karl-Marx-Platz 24, 12043 Berlin
Hours: MON/TUE/THU & FRI | 9am – 8pm, WED | 12pm-8pm, SAT | 9am – 4pm

Image Credit: Let It Be

Vegan Crêperie, Burger&Bar (Restaurant, 100% vegan)

Let It Be is tucked into a side street off Sonnenalle that you might not ordinarliy venture into. But you should! Stepping into the little eatery is like sitting down at your favorite friend’s apartment – the decorations are adorable! We particulary like that to reduce waste they do not offer take-away (expect for coffee and cake. The kitchen is quite small and everyting is made to order so you might have to wait a while if the place is full.

On the plus side, they have an insanely varied menu offerening scrumptious savory and sweet crêpes (with names like Woody Harrelson and Erykah Badu) as well as generous sandwiches and burgers served with various sides. Both the crêpes and the burgers can be made glutenfree and all dishes come with a delectable little side salad. They have some breakfast foods if you want to have brunch on the weekends, and they also feature specialty beers from Bavaria and wine from the Mosel area. Seems like they got all the bases covered!

Address: Treptowerstr. 90, 12059 Berlin
Hours: WED/THU/FRI | 3pm – 10pm, SAT/SUN | 1pm – 10pm

Image Credit: Ban Ban Kitchen

Ban Ban Kitchen (Snack Stand or Take-Away, Vegan and Vegetarian options avaliable)

The menu at this Korean street food vendor is fairly simple: you can get tacos (made from nori leaves), burgers or bibimbap with three different kinds of fillings, one of which is soy superstar and vegan (The soy bibimbap is vegetarian, if you want to have it vegan, aks for it whithout the egg). Amidst all the Döner Kebap places on Hermannstr. the Korean flavours of lime, ginger and cilantro really shine! This is a great place to get something to eat with your omni friends because there are quite a few meat options.

The space itself is small and only fits a couple of high tables and bar chairs. For this reason, we mainly go there when the weather is good and we can take our bibimbap boxes to go and make your way over a couple of blocks to the spacious Tempellhofer Feld to catch the sunshine across the expanse of the old airfield.

Address: Hermannstrasse 205, 12049 Berlin
Hours: THU–TUE | 5pm – 11pm

no58_vkmhce (1)
Image Credit: Facebook No58 Speiserei

No58 Speiserei (Café, Vegan and Vegetarian options avaliable)

This cute little place used to be called “Raudasch” and just reopned this spring as a wholly vegetarian and vegan café. They offer various breakfasts as well as fresh juices (such as cucumber, pear and apple) and delicious smoothies (example: pear, spinach, coconut milk and kiwi). For lunch they make a variety of satisfying mixed salads and soups. Raw and glutenfree options are also available! You could have a smoothie for breakfast, then walk around the nearby Tempelhofer Feld and come back for breakfast!

The food is all locally sourced and organic, and the two owners (plus their dog) are very welcoming and friendly. In our eyes a great plus is the availability of hoppy beers at No58 Speiserei. Pale Ale and IPA are making inroads in Berlin but still hard to find luckily this place has a variety of craftbeer brewed in Berlin.

Address: Weisestraße 58, 12049 Berlin
Hours: WED – FRI | 8:30am – 7pm, SAT | 10am – 7pm, SUN | 11am – 7pm

Image Credit: Facebook Cigköftem

Cigköftem (Fast Food, Vegan and Vegetarian options avaliable)

Ok, this next one is a little bit strange and will probably be an unfamiliar taste to some people. Cigk­öfte is a traditional turkish dish that is prepared with raw meat. But the version that is available in Germany is vegan and made from wheat protein and different spices. At these two locations in Neukölln, you can get this specialty either as is with salad or as burgers and in the traditional Dürum wrap. Be aware though the patty is still kept raw uncooked, so be prepared for a different texture when you take your first bite. Also, the spiciness (even the mild one) is quite pronounced (for German standards) and all dishes come with lots of mint. So if any of these things sound off-putting to you maybe this is not your spot. But we definitely think it’s worth a try and it’s also great to have quick cheap vegan option for when you are on the go (and can’t see any more falafel!).

Meatballs are also available (Icli Köftem) and look quite similar, so be sure to order to right thing. The spaces are both small with only a couple of tables and most customers take their order to go. During the day, you can also take advantage of their delivery service.

Address: Hermannstraße 50, 12049 Berlin and Karl-Marx-Straße 75, 12043 Berlin
Hours: MON – SUN | 11am – 23pm (may vary)


Image Credit: Facebook Lily Burger, Tumblr Peta2

Lily Burger (Fast Food, Vegan and Vegetarian options avaliable)

If you have been craving a burger, this is the place to go to in Neukölln. Where normally vegans and vegetarians only have one or two options, this place has over a dozen burger creations to choose from. They also serve meat burgers, but use different pans for everything (also: the meat burgers are a lot more expensive than the vegan ones, finally a burger place whose prices make sense!). All the fries (inlcuding the chili-cheese-fries) can be made vegan as well and glutenfree buns are available upon request.

The prices for vegan burgers aren’t cheap either, but they are appropriate considering the quality of the food as well as the portion-size. The only down-side is that it’s so popular that you will probably have to wait more than an hour during prime-dinner-time. We recommend to go early or for a late lunch. Also, there have been rumors of a bigger location (with a bigger kitchen), so you should keep an eye out for that!

Address: Urbanstrasse 70, 10967 Berlin
Hours: MON – THU & SUN | 12pm – 12am, FRI/SAT | 12pm – 1am

Image Credit: Facebook Pêle-Mêle

Pêle-Mêle (Café, 100% vegan)

“Pêle-Mêle is french and means »colourful mix«. For us that means a liaison of different cultural and culinary influences thus creating something new” (from their website). They are not only a café but also a cultural and coworking space featuring readings and exhibitions by local artists.

Pêle-Mêle offers a couple of breakfast choices, and simple lunch options such as soup, tartes, bagels and sandwiches. You should definetely save some space for one of their home-made baked goods, brownies or cakes along with a hot chocolate and soy latte.

Address: Innstraße 26, 12043 Berlin
Hours: MON – SUN | 10am – 7pm

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