• 19 Jun, 2016 - 2 Jul, 2016
    14 May, 2017 - 27 May, 2017
  • 14 Days

Palm trees swaying gently on balmy tropical breezes, fine sandy beaches greeting azure warm waters and seas of emerald green rice terraces – this is Bali, a serene and staggeringly beautiful island in the Indonesian archipelago. Of all islands, the name Bali strikes travelers as almost mystical – and indeed, in many ways it is. Being a mostly Hindu island in the midst of the world’s largest Muslim country, Bali testifies to the vast and diverse country that is Indonesia. Our adventure here takes us from one side of the island to the other, and all the way to Java, where you’ll experience rural villages, postcard perfect beaches, pristine coral reefs rich with vividly colored marine life, local bazaars, some of the best vegan cuisine on the island, special vegan cooking classes, guests of local schools and meals with local families, festive nights with local music and dance, and the cultural heartland of Bali where the island’s unique Hindu customs and traditions are deeply rooted in the people’s everyday lives. Known for its mesmerizing music, distinctive architecture, absorbing art, rich cultures and deeply spiritual and very friendly people, Bali is truly a special place to those who experience it. Join us as we explore this Island of Gods – as Bali is also known, from famous sites, beaches, and temples to off-the-beaten-track locations, discover and experience Bali with us on a magical journey into the heart and soul of this beautiful and mystical island! This is Bali and beyond and we look forward to sharing the wonders of this magical island with you on our VegVoyages’ Vegin’ Out on the Island of Gods adventure!

DAY 1 Sanur – South Bali
Selamat Datang! Welcome to Bali – the Island of the Gods! In the morning, we’ll have our Orientation Meeting complete with tropical fruit tasting, snacks, and a delicious vegan lunch where you’ll have a chance to get to know your fellow travelers as we discuss the adventure ahead. After orientation, we’ll set out for our first introduction to traditional Balinese massage. Returning to our hotel, you’ll have time to freshen up before we learn about Balinese classical dance. As the sun sets over Sanur, we’ll enjoy a tasty vegan dinner of local island delicacies. (Lunch, Dinner)

DAY 2 Munduk – Journey into Bali’s hill country
After breakfast, we’ll journey on one of the most scenic drives on the island passing paddy fields, small villages and jungle-clad hillsides. During our travels, we’ll visit the sacred Pura Tirta Empul temple. Dating back to 926 AD, Hindus from across the country come here to bathe in its holy spring water. Leaving the temple, we’ll head up into the island’s stunning mountains stopping for views of the sacred Gunung Batur Volcano and a cup of local Java (the coffee, not the island). Making our way on the back roads of Bali, we’ll arrive in the heart of the hill country at our bungalows with stunning views! Then, we’ll hike out into the countryside to a lovely waterfall before returning for our Cultural Heritage Class where we’ll learn about the island’s rich history, customs, and traditional home architecture. As the sun sets over the paddies, we’ll enjoy a dinner of local Munduk favorites. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

“It was an amazing Bali trip! These guys really know what they are doing. They immerse you into the culture. It is like no other vacation we have ever been on.”

Regina & Greg Rhoa (Pennsylvania, USA)

DAY 3 Munduk – Journey into Bali’s hill country
Waking up to fresh mountain air, we’ll set out to explore the surrounding paddy fields, farms and forests learning about the culture, way of life and farming methods in rural Bali – including joining a local family at their home for lunch. Back at our bungalows, we’ll have today’s Cultural Heritage Class where we’ll learn about the unique form of Hinduism practiced here including how to make the ritual offerings we see throughout the journey. In the evening, we’ll join a noted Gamelan player and his family at their home for a colorful evening of music and tasty local dishes. We’ll also learn about the Gamelan instrument: how it’s made, how it’s played, its history, and its extraordinary sound. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

DAY 4 Pemuteran – On the sandy shores of Bali
After breakfast, we’ll make our way to the sacred hot springs of Air Panas Banjar where sulfuric water is fed through 8 stone-carved mythical dragon-like snakes into a 3-tiered pool. After freshening up in the hot springs, we’ll visit an auspicious temple where we’ll learn about Balinese temple architecture and participate in a Hindu blessing, before arriving at our home on the shores of the Bali Sea at the northwestern most tip of the island. Far from the crowds of South Bali, we’ll be staying in traditional bungalows near the beach at the doorstep of a beautiful coral reef. Since we’ve been having Balinese cuisine up until now, and since the chef where we stay is a great baker – prepare this evening for a taste of back home with vegan pizza, pasta, and fresh salads for dinner. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

“Huge thank you for the amazing cultural exposure on our Bali adventure. I am now trying to find an Indonesian grocer near Toronto. It has been a pleasure to travel without the “cookie cutter” experience and get a real feel for a whole other world!”

Jennifer Brown (Toronto, Canada)

DAY 5 Pemuteran – On the sandy shores of Bali
In the morning, we’ll be guests of an important marine conservation project that helps to restore the fragile reefs of Bali. After learning about the project, the plight of the coral reefs and the abundance of species that rely on them, we’ll head offshore into the Bay of Pemuteran to snorkel the restored reef with those who are working so hard to preserve it. Returning to shore, we’ll meet for lunch before exploring the sleepy town and learning about local culture. As the colors of the day turn to night over the Bali Sea, we’ll be guests of a local family at their home for traditional Balinese hospitality and a delicious home-cooked dinner. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

DAY 6 Pemuteran – On the sandy shores of Bali
Today we’ll spend our time out on boats and in the Bali Sea exploring the beautiful protected marine life rich waters around Menjangan Island. Far from the crowds of South Bali, the gorgeous coral reef gardens off this protected area are truly a sight to behold! With its excellent coral reef wall that plunges over 50 meters deep, the reef offers a stunning spectacle of hard and soft corals along with a plethora of marine life, including parrot fish, butterfly fish, snappers, trigger fish, clown fish, sweetlips, angelfish, sea turtles, and (if we’re lucky) black tip reef sharks. After exploring the underwater world, you’ll have the rest the day free to snorkel the lovely house reef near our bungalows, sunbathe, have a massage, catch up on some reading, lounge around the pool or just chill out at a local café. (Breakfast, Lunch)

DAY 7 Pemuteran – On the sandy shores of Bali
On the most northwesterly point of the island lies the picturesque Taman Nasional Bali Barat (West Bali National Park). Home to over one hundred and sixty species of birds, including the near extinct Bali Starling, and a wide variety of other wildlife from barking deer and banteng (wild buffalo), to wild boar and leopard cats, the park is a mixture of dry savannah, thick forests and mangroves. Today we’ll spend our time exploring the wilds of the national park by foot and sea taking in its beauty and learning about this vital eco-system with one of the parks foremost experts. As the sun sets over the peaks overlooking the Bali Sea, we’ll meet beachside for our last night in Pemuteran where we’ll enjoy a colorful evening of traditional music and dance, sundowners, snacks and, of course, more food! (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

“I had such a wonderful time in Bali.  Learning about Balinese culture through its dance, food and religion was a highlight of the trip, in addition to experiencing the underwater splendor of the coral reefs of Bali Sea. Of course the food was absolutely divine and as always, my VegVoyages family added so many special touches that only they can provide.” 

Francesca Lynne (California, USA)

DAY 8 East Java – Across The Bali Strait
Catching our ferry over the Bali Strait, we’ll make our way to the island of Java where over the next two days we’ll be introduced to Javanese culture, geography and yes – tasty cuisine! Home to 60% of Indonesia’s population, much of the country’s history, politics and culture has been influenced by the island. On arrival, we’ll spend time at the town’s supermarket where we’ll buy gifts for kids at a local children’s home we’ll be guests of later in our journey. Settling in at our seaside hotel, we’ll meet in the garden for tonight’s cultural culinary experience – i.e. a Javanese cooking class where we’ll learn how to make regional favorites using one of the most important cooking tools on the island – the mortar and pestle. Rolling up our sleeves, under the guidance of the chef we’ll not only learn, but also cook, tonight’s meal! (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

DAY 9 East Java – The Majestic Volcano of Ijen
Before sunrise, we’ll begin our hike up Ijen. For those who have climbed this impressive crater – the words stunning, spectacular, amazing and awesome come to mind – and once you make the trek to the top of this active volcano through a beautiful forest reserve, you’ll understand why. With a 200 meter deep turquoise blue acidic-lake at its center and sulphur clouds billowing around its moonscape scenery – Ijen is truly a surreal sight to behold! After enjoying the views from the top, we’ll head back for lunch where you’ll be introduced to the regional dessert classic – Cendol! After resting up from our hike, we’ll enjoy local favorites for dinner along with a colorful Javanese music and dance program. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

DAY 10 West Bali – Villages Along The Indian Ocean
While in Bali we’ve learned about the island’s majority Hindu population and their culture, so over the next two days we’ll take time to learn about the other cultures that make up the rich tapestry of the island. This afternoon, we’ll visit two small villages that are home to Bali’s relatively tiny Catholic and Protestant communities where even in their places of worship a heavy Balinese influence is seen in their unique fusion architecture. As guests of the local communities, we’ll learn about their history and culture and join the kids from a nearby children’s home for a tasty vegan meal. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

“I never imagined how wonderful the trip could really be. Thanks for the blessing and sharing your love for Bali!”

James Burris-Fish (Oregon, USA)

DAY 11 Ubud – Bali’s Cultural Heartland
Since Bali is one of 17,000 plus islands that make up the largest Muslim country in the world, this morning we’ll be guests of a local Muslim school where we’ll learn about Islam in Bali and the importance it plays in Indonesian culture and way of life. The students here have a special cultural program they’ll be sharing, along with giving us a tour of their campus. After lunch at the Madrasah, we’ll depart for the cultural capital of the island – Ubud!  Arriving at our beautiful Balinese garden cottages set amongst rice paddies and green gardens, you’ll have time to freshening up, relax on your balcony or take a dip in the relaxing pool. Later, we’ll settle down for dinner and an evening of hypnotic Balinese music and dance. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

DAY 12 Ubud – Bali’s Cultural Heartland
It’s all about Ubud and its surroundings. After breakfast, we’ll begin today’s cultural culinary experience at a local family’s home where we’ll learn to prepare a delicious full course vegan Balinese meal. Our first stop will be at the market where we’ll learn about the local market scene before heading to the kitchen. Finishing in the afternoon, we’ll head out to unwind with a traditional Balinese massage and herbal treatment! Feeling refresh and relax from the massage, you’ll have the evening free to enjoy dinner at your own choice of place. (Breakfast, Lunch)

DAY 13 Ubud – Bali’s Cultural Heartland
After breakfast on your verandah overlooking the paddy fields, you’ll have the day free to explore Ubud at your own pace. There are a plenty of things to do in this charming town, take a leisure walk along the famous Monkey Forest street and Hanoman street, sip on delicious coffee at a local cafe, or catching up with your souvenir list and practice your haggling skill. Step out and enjoy Ubud town, before we meet at sunset for a colorful evening of snacks, refreshing drinks, dinner, music and dance! So don’t forget your dancing shoes, party shirt and a hearty appetite! (Breakfast, Dinner)

DAY 14 Back to South Bali
We head back to South Bali today. After breakfast, you’ll have time to relax and enjoy the view from your verandah, or take a dip on the pool before we meet up and join our vehicle for a drive back to Sanur, passing the small lanes and fields of Bali. Our adventure ends upon arrival at our hotel in the coastal town of Sanur. Terima kasih banyak, banyak (thank you very much)! (Breakfast)

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Gluten Free

"Food! Glorious food! At VegVoyages our two passions are travel and food – and we do our best to offer you the best of both! We always say (and we probably say this too often as we like to eat so much) that a great way to get an idea about a country’s culture and heritage is through its cuisine. As noted novelist Abdulhak Sinasi said, “Do not dismiss the dish saying that it is just simply food. The blessed thing is an entire civilization in itself.” We couldn’t agree more with him. Asia, in our opinion, undoubtedly offers vegans and vegetarians the widest, most diverse and tastiest food found anywhere on the planet. The combination of pungent spices, fresh herbs, homemade sauces, mouthwatering curries and other ingredients makes Asian food an exciting culinary treat! Though cuisines vary drastically from country to country, as well as from province to province, and in many cases – city to city, or village to village, Asia shares a simple ingredient in most of its cuisines – and that is rice. Rice is the staple food of much of Asia and billions of people depend on it for their daily survival. In Asia, rice is served in a variety of ways from steamed rice to sticky rice, to tasty fried rice mixed with a variety of spices and veggies. But the staple of Asian cuisine is not just limited to rice, it also includes a range of breads baked, fried or grilled and to our palates content – an endless collection of noodles served in soups, curries, fried or steamed."

Included :-

"Local Balinese cultural lessons

2 vegan cooking classes (1 Balinese and 1 Javanese cooking class)

daily Bahasa Indonesia language lessons

traditional Balinese dance workshop

live traditional Balinese music and classical folk dances performances

meals with local families

guests of a local school and children’s home

guests of the students and teachers at a local Madrasah

introduction to Balinese Hinduism

local market exploration

introduction to the art and music of traditional Balinese gamelan

visit to local temples

donations to a local children’s home

participate in local Hindu ceremonies

all local guide fees

airport arrival pick up *


13 nights accommodations (1 night at a resort in the seaside town of Sanur, 2 nights in traditional cottages in Bali’s beautiful hill country, 4 nights in traditional Balinese beachside bungalows overlooking the Bali sea, 2 nights at a seaside resort on the island of Java overlooking the Bali Strait, 1 night at a local inn/homestay on Bali’s far less visited west coast, and 3 nights in Balinese garden cottages overlooking the rice paddies of Ubud)

Vegin` Out on the Island of Gods (Bali, Indonesia)


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